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Silicon Wafer Production

Silicon Wafer Production: Czochralski growth of the silicon ingot, wafer slicing, wafer lapping, wafer etching and finally wafer polishing
Naina : very nice and illustrative video
Dex Euromat (prywatny) : I Was looking for good animation with Czochralski method for Virtual World learning purposes. This one is great and will be featured in Polish History House informative model in Second Life.
배르에요 : 반도체 화이팅
정지민 : Great vid, it helped me a lot. Thanks!!!
Chris Baker : Visit for all your silicon wafer needs!
김믿음 : 광공학과 화이팅!
Alex Gaudette : No sound!!
Supworks : tendi nd mas vlw
J.D. Z. : very impressive

Cleaving Si Wafer for SEM

Cleaving of Si wafer for use in SEM. Please excuse my running nose and the echo.
Chris Baker : Visit for all your silicon wafer needs!

Have a tough question? DON'T WAIT! Ask us! Our engineers answer fast!
adkdmlie8 : thank you! you saved me!
KingZom Industrial Adhesive Tapes : Hello, we are specialist producer in UV Tape for Wafer Dicing. You can ask us fro free samples for your test. You will be very welcome.
Steven Andrew : Well alright, alright, alright!

Laser scribing of Si wafer (high power)

Ablation of a silicon substrate with laser pulses. This is an old feasibility study (not validated!). Simulation carried out at the Research Unit of Photonic Technologies (Vienna University of Technology).

Process parameters:
λ: 355nm,
spot size: 10µm,
pulse energy: 50µJ,
pulse length: 50ns,
pulse frequency: 250kHZ,
path: 8 pulses,
scanning speed: 1670mm/s

The simulation environment used was OpenFOAM (
Hardik Vaghasiya : Is it possible to get laser code for this kind of simulation?
Laser Assisted Manufacturing, TU Wien : We made use of OpenFOAM software. The physics of laser source and phase-changes are not available "out of the box", so they have been self-programmed within the solver.
aby : which software used for simulation?




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