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Sony ICF F10 AM/FM $13 Radio Review

Review of the AM /FM Sony ICF-F10 radio from Amazon. This radio runs from two D size batteries only and has no AC cord.
D. Ilic : Sony is a super good radio receiver and you don't need to pull out its telescope antenna. Only the weakest radio stations pull out the antenna.
Makhsood Lambeth : Sir how to reduce noise when motor or tube light works while tuning MW. In my radio Sony icf f10
Makhsood Lambeth : Thank you very much for your reply.
Makhsood Lambeth : I have a Sony radio.icf f10 radio it's antenna become loose Can it change by purchasing new.
maalox 22 : No access cord for Sony cw
Satya Ward : Is the FM stereo via earphone ?
شموخ رجل : I love the radio
Marc Chabot YT : your camera picture was out of focus !
Khmer Music : But no sales in 2018
Khmer Music : I want to buy

How to take magnetic from radio ICF-F10

Sony ICF F10 Analog AM FM radio receiver look and review

In an emergency a battery operated radio is a must. This Sony analog is great for this use. Strong audio and long battery life maes it ideal for emergency and everyday situations
Eric Franklin Shook : I opened mine up, filled it with ample amounts of sound damping material, and now it sounds much better than when stock.
wolfonline : Look this old German GRUNDIG CONCERT BOY 225a.Its Wonderful:

Makhsood Lambeth : Recently I got a Sony TCF F10 radio as gift from my relative.Very good reception and handy model.
anwer zaib : did you buy this Radio how mach
Ramesh Joshi : Please tell from where I can get this radio... ? I checked out many websites but all have out of stack.
NoBs : It would help a lot if you let the radio play anything for more than a second or two.. let the listener decide about sound quality.
manasseh carrillo : I'm only 13 and i love love radios
Khmer Music : I love ❤ You sony
Khmer Music : good
VETlaboratory AICHI 鹿子治廣 : It is an analog tuner type standard portable radio.
I found 4 bands "ICF_F10" in Bolivia that can listen to short waves. The sensitivity is also good.




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